The Art of Saying No Not Yet

Sooooo … how are ya?

Been awhile.

I know, I know, I’m a lousy stupid lazy blogger. (Um – have you met me? Like, at all?)

Here I am, back at Pajama Productivity, where the coffee’s always piping hot and dark roast, and the llamas are snarky but generally helpful.

And yes. It’s been a year.

Let’s pause for a moment and let that sink in.

A productivity blogger didn’t blog for a year.

That’s some impressive display of delay and avoidance, don’t ya think?

My skills are mad, indeed.

Normally, I hate posts like this one I’m writing here, on Writer’s Block Pro (if you don’t have it yet, GET IT, please trust me on this, not an affiliate link, it’s just THAT necessary for anyone who writes regularly, which if you’re content-marketing your business, you should be, especially if you tend to get distracted by other sites and apps, and yes, I know, I have a lot of room to talk, Ms. I’ve-Been-Gone-A-Year, but STILL …crap, what was I saying? Right. Get Writer’s Block Pro).

I hate it when bloggers stop blogging, them come back all apologetic and promising to do better, and blah blah blah just write, don’t write, whatever.

But I think a deviation from norm is appropriate in this context, and here’s why:

I’m allegedly a productivity blogger. I think the experience might prove … instructive.

Let’s find out! [click to continue…]