Why You Should Write an Ebook and How to Make It Awesome

by Annie

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Ebook Evolution logo Everything you always wanted to know about ebooks but didn’t know who to ask? Yeah. Right here. Read on.

Last week I bought an ebook.

This is not, in and of itself, a surprising thing. I’ve bought lots of ebooks over the years, and downloaded a boatload more for free, from various bloggers and authors about various things, mostly having to do with running a business, marketing a business online, productivity, blogging, creativity, and the like — basically all the stuff that makes my little heart go pitter-pat a little faster and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What’s kind of surprising about this particular purchase is what I did next. I wrote one of the authors and actually asked if I could be an affiliate.

‘Cause that’s how much I think this particular ebook rocks.

And hold on to your walking sticks, ’cause we’re about to get all meta up in here …

The ebook I bought last week? Is about ebooks.


OK, in all seriousness. Here comes the bizness stuff.

Why Ebooks Are a Very Good Thing For Internet-Savvy Entrepreneurs

Before I get into the review and the “why you need this” stuff, let’s make sure we’re all on the same metaphorical page.

In the land of content marketing, ebooks are a no-brainer way to add to your bottom line, increase your visibility, turbo-boost your authority in your niche or subject, and upsell your services like crazy.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out what HubSpot has to say about them.

Capisce? Moving on.

Why More Internet Savvy Entrepreneurs Aren’t Writing Ebooks

OK, given that ebooks are awesome and present several clear and distinct advantages for the internet-based business owner and entrepreneur, why aren’t more of us writing them?

I mean, they’re supposed to be relatively simple to produce, right? (Yes, if you know how to do it.)

And it ought to be relatively easy to figure out how to actually sell and distribute them, right? (Yes, it should be. But it wasn’t. Until now.)

True Story: My First Ebook Bombed

I know I’ve alluded to this tale before, but here’s the sordid story behind one of my most fabulous flops of all time: my first ebook.

(Technically speaking it was my second ebook but the first one didn’t count because I didn’t really do the work on it. This story is about my first time being solely responsible for the whole shebang. And it’s a doozy.)

I’d been convinced that an ebook was a great strategy, so I went scouring the web for advice and strategies on my many questions:

  1. How could I design a great cover for my ebook when I didn’t know the first thing about design?
  2. How should I advertise and market the ebook once it was written?
  3. What were the mechanics involved in actually distributing the ebook?
  4. Should I use affiliates? Or sell it all on my own?

Oh, and so many more.

So, off I went to the far corners of the internet, looking for answers.

And I found … nothing.

Well, almost nothing. There were a few incredibly expensive templates available, and some really awful freebie templates. It took me hours to get the cover even halfway decent. And by piecing together bits and dribbles from various blogs, I sorta kinda figured out the whole e-junkie.com thing.

“How hard could it be?” I said to myself with a shrug. (Yes, I do wish I could go back in time and smack the crap out of myself for saying that, thanks for asking.)

I sold four copies. Total. And that was after cutting the price by three-fourths.

A lack of clear-cut guidance, a step-by-step approach, had done me in. It wasn’t that the ebook sucked — well, it kinda did, actually (at least, it certainly wasn’t as good as it could and should have been) — but the real problem was my lack of understanding as to how it all fit together: the creation, the copy, the cover, the marketing, the launch, the sale.

Now, I’ve read many, many ebooks. Some of them I paid for, and some were free. Some were just awful: poorly put-together, ugly to look at, boring content full of typos. A very few (maybe three) were truly excellent.

Most of them were squarely in the middle. Serviceable, and immediately forgettable.

Now, that’s bad enough, but I’d paid a lot of money for some of those forgettable mediocrities.

That? Just pissed me off. As it would you. As it would anyone, frankly.

Enter Ebook Evolution

Ebooks and files making up Ebook Evolution kit No more excuses: everything you always wanted to know about creating and launching ebooks

If the people who buy  Ebook Evolution actually put its principles and techniques into practice, it will be the death of the mediocre, overpriced ebook. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Kelly Kingman (Sticky Ebooks) and Pamela Wilson (Big Brand System) joined together to write and create this … now, see, I almost don’t want to call it an ebook. It’s more of a kit. It’s an Awesome Ebook Kit. Like those modeling kits you used to get when you were a kid? (That’s not just me, right?)

It has everything you need inside to create really gorgeous and excellent ebooks. Including those problematic covers. And the details on the whole sales process (including stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else about how/whether to use Amazon).

The kit has four main parts:

  1. A Quick Start guide (6 pages)
  2. The Sticky Ebook Formula (41 pages)
  3. The Ebook Evolution Launch Guide (68 pages)
  4. A whole sub-kit devoted to templates, using the free application Open Office, so anyone can use them

In addition, there’s a boatload of bonus stuff that is actually incredibly helpful. (I don’t know about you but my experience with the whole “bonus” thing has been less than exciting.) These bonuses will help you handle your resistance to writing the ebook and help you get some high-powered brainstorming under your belt if you’re stuck for ideas.

What I love most about this ebook/kit is how thoughtful it is. Kelly and Pamela have basically created three separate “tracks” for you. Depending on your past experience with ebooks and your own unique skillset, you might find one track more helpful than another. It’s a small touch in a way, but it carries a huge payoff for the reader by helping her target her efforts to the specific questions she carries into the experience.

Bottom Line: You (and I) Have Just Run Out of Excuses

There’s simply no excuse anymore for a bad ebook experience. Soup to nuts, as they say, Ebook Evolution will hold your hand through the entire process and give you the information you need to make your next ebook launch successful.

Yes. You should absolutely buy it. At $147, no, it ain’t cheap. But it carries a thirty-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so it’s a no-brainer, no-risk way to get the goods.

You won’t need that guarantee, though, in my opinion. What it promises, Ebook Evolution delivers. And that’s saying a lot.

So, yeah, I’m an affiliate for Ebook Evolution (proudly so – hey, I actually ASKED) and these links above are affiliate links. Won’t cost you a penny more but it will help keep me in fuzzy slippers, which makes me happy, which means I write better stuff for you, so it’s kind of win-win.

Go forth and write excellent ebooks!  I know I am. ‘Cause I have no more excuses.

NOTE: Anyone can publish an ebook and reach millions of readers in all the major book markets with the help of a publishing company like Lulu that offers several publishing options for different needs.

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