Whoot! Success!

How cool are you? WAY cool, that’s how cool!

Even the llamas think so. (And they’re really hard to impress.)

You’re all set to receive the fuzzy-slipper goods from Annie now, which includes:

  • Super-special pricing on the upcoming Lazy Person’s Guide to Getting Your Business $%*# Together ebook along with all the way-cool and terribly-useful worksheets and checklists that go along with same.
  • The soon-to-be-released and TOTALLY free “30 Days to Domination” email course, which I am fully intent on making the single easiest-to-understand “how to get this internet marketing thing DONE, already” resource around.
  • Weekly (or thereabouts) email updates with links to the hot new stuff on the site and from around the web for rock-star entrepreneurs and creatives (such as you, duh).
  • Whatever fun stuff Annie might happen to dig up from time to time.

Now that’s a PJ Party for grown-up business superstars-in-the-making, right? The llamas say “yes.”