What Are You Fighting For?

by Annie

in vision + goals

woman's hands opening a wrapped present with a red bow

There are pictures on my hard drive.

I mean – of course there are. We all have pictures on our hard drives, on our mobiles, our tablets. They’re ubiquitous.

But these specific pictures I’m talking about are … special.

I’ve pulled them off various sites.

Don’t worry. No one else will ever see them. They’re just for my own very particular use.

They’re rotated through my desktop and screen savers and background images in Scrivener’s Composition Mode so that I see them constantly.

I see them constantly because every time I look up, no matter what I’m doing, chances are I’m going to see these pictures.

And now you really wanna know what’s in those pictures, don’t you?

It’s not important. The content of those images is important only to me.

What I will tell you is this: They’re images of some … thing, or things, that I want desperately.

(Side note: The amount of resistance I felt to typing the last part of that sentence is remarkable. I did not want to admit to anyone that I even had things I wanted desperately. Isn’t that odd?)

So several times a day, I am reminded of those things. I am reminded of my heart’s desires. Visually. Viscerally. Voraciously.

Why do I do this?

Because we forget.

We forget what we’re working for. What we’re fighting for. Why we work the insane hours we do, and why we keep banging our head against digital brick walls, and why we never stop learning and trying to up our game and be better and do better and provide more value.

What are you fighting for?

How can you keep that thing — that heart’s desire of yours — front and center for yourself, so you don’t forget?

I’m not big on the woo-woo, as you probably have already figured out. But this I know for sure: The universe — or God if you prefer — is handing you a big ol’ beautifully wrapped present.

What’s in the box?

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