Tip 12: Get a Throwaway Email Address

by Annie

in Fall Into Productivity

Image of colorful fall leaves with a text overlay reading "#12 - get a throwaway email address"

This is a post in Pajama Productivity’s first (hopefully) annual “Fall Into Productivity” month. (Clever wordplay, right? The llamas came up with that.) All month long in October 2016, we’ll be publishing lovely autumnal graphics with a fresh productivity tip each and every day. You can catch all the fall fun right here on the PJP blog, on our PJP Facebook page, or on Twitter @pjproductivity – use the #FallIntoProductivity hashtag to find all posts.

Day 12 is upon us, and whereas so far our Fall Into Productivity tips have been a little heavy on the mindset-shifting side, today’s tip is one of those super-practical “do this one thing” kinda deals.

And the one thing I want you to do today is sign up for a freebie web-based email address.

And what, pray tell, do I want you to do with said freebie web-based email address?

Simple, my fellow Couch Warriors: I want you to use it for all that crap that’s not actual-fax, important, person-to-person-and-it’s-a-person-you-actually-KNOW email-related.

So, all those email lists you wanna join to get the free ebook (except the ones that you’ve already unsubscribed from because they gave you nothing valuable, of course, because THOSE ARE GONE AND THEY’RE NEVER COMING BACK RIGHT?)? Use the new email address.

Run across a sweepstakes you want to enter? Use the new email address. (True story: I won $10,000 from SC Johnson in one of those about 12 years ago.)

Signing up for message boards that aren’t related to your work? Use the new email address.

You get the gist, yes?

This is a “throwaway” email address that preserves the sanctity of your real email inbox, which will do wonders for your sanity and your productivity. Basically, if it’s a use that will lead to you receiving emails that are neither important nor urgent, it’s a good use for the throwaway email account.

Gmail is what I prefer for these accounts, basically because of the enhanced storage and the better search capabilities, but any freebie service will do.

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