Tip 10: Ditch the Email Lists

by Annie

in Fall Into Productivity

Image of a person's hands holding several autumn leaves with a text overlay reading "#10 - Ditch the lists"

This is a post in Pajama Productivity’s first (hopefully) annual “Fall Into Productivity” month. (Clever wordplay, right? The llamas came up with that.) All month long in October 2016, we’ll be publishing lovely autumnal graphics with a fresh productivity tip each and every day. You can catch all the fall fun right here on the PJP blog, on our PJP Facebook page, or on Twitter @pjproductivity – use the #FallIntoProductivity hashtag to find all posts.

If you follow only one of this week’s email tips, make it this one: Unsubscribe from every single mailing list that doesn’t consistently give you value. 

The emails you always open … the emails that consistently give you information that you needed … the messages that contain links you routinely add to Evernote or your bookmarks … those are the only ones you should keep around.

The rest? Ditch ’em. Ditch ’em all. (Yes, even mine.)

Every single one of the emails from your lists should contain a clearly labeled “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Set aside thirty minutes this week and click as many as you can.

Hopefully, thirty minutes will be enough to get them all. If not, schedule another half-hour round and lather/rinse/repeat until you’ve cleaned them all out.

Why bother with this, especially if we’re embracing the search-not-sort camp of email management? Because even if you never click to open these non-valuable email messages, they take up time and mental bandwidth. Even if you just click and delete, that’s time you’re spending that you don’t need to spend.

And remember last week, when we talked about saying ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t fill a need?

Yeah. That’s why.


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