Steal This Simple Word-Based Editorial Calendar Template

by Annie

in content marketing 101, systematic

OK, you’re not really stealing it if I’m giving it away.

Yep – for free. No opt-in required.

And it’s the same template I use to create content for all my blogs. It contains a place to brainstorm topics, a simple two-column table to schedule and order your content, and plenty of space for each blog post, plus spaces to note reference URLs, image files, and keywords. The titles in the scheduling table even link to the appropriate page for that post inside the document – how cool is that?

You’re welcome.

To get the template, just right click (or Cmd-click for my fellow Mac users) on the link below and save it to your hard drive. It’s fairly self-explanatory.

Download the Pajama Productivity Editorial Calendar Template

You’re more than welcome to share this on your own site, as long as you retain the link and keep the text in the footer unrevised.

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