Select Your Destination. You Have Arrived.

by Annie

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It should be the simplest question for any of us to answer.

What do you want?

What are you after?

What’s your outcome here?

And yet for far too many of us, it’s like pulling teeth with a spider’s web: impossible to grab hold of, impossible to accomplish.

Even worse: because it’s something we all feel innately, in our deepest core, that we should know, we feel like failures when we can’t give a quick, direct answer to that question.

We feel like we should know.

But sometimes we want too much. (Or feel like we do.)

And sometimes what we want is too ephemeral to define. (Or it feels like it is.)

Lately, I’ve been really into watching British procedurals. Here in the U.S., procedurals are fairly straightforward affairs, highly formulaic. Apparently they’re the same in Britain but it’s a very different formula. They’re moody, broody, atmospheric affairs.

And they have a seriously unpleasant side effect on me: They make me wanna move.

Shetland? Made me want to move to Lerwick.

Hinterland? Made me wanna move to Ceredigion.

Broadchurch? I found myself browsing real estate sites for coastal cliff-side property.

My point, and I do have one, is this:

Hannibal Lector was right.

Sometimes — not all the time, mind you, but sometimes —we find ourselves wanting what we see every day. As simple as that.

That doesn’t mean this is our true heart’s desire.

But it also doesn’t mean it’s bullshit, either.

Do I really want to move to Wales or the Shetland Islands? No. Hell, moving to New York made me feel like a stranger in a strange land. Can you imagine me in a whole ‘nother country on a permanent basis? It’d be culture shock of the first order.

So my job in those moments is to find the truth of the desire.

The kernel of whatever it is that’s authentic and real for me. The thing that’s really pulling me towards it.

For example — in my case, with those moody, broody, watery Brits?

It’s the ocean.

I miss the ocean.

More specifically, I miss how I feel around and near the ocean.

So we have to choose our destinations before we can map out our paths to get there.

But the nifty part is that once we do that — once we know where we want to go, the real truth of it — we’re as good as there.

photo credit: sant.o io sto bene via photopin (license)

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