Pajama Productivity Is Born

by Annie

in the big plan

Picture of feet clad in fuzzy brown slippers

I am the queen of the fuzzy slipper wearing workforce. No. Really.

OK, so I’m doing this completely ass-backward.

See, normally, were I, Super-Creative Consultant, consulting with me, Super-Motivated Client, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Identify your niche — your service and your targeted clients
  2. Pick a name
  3. Get the URL
  4. I’ll build the website – you go work on content
  5. We’ll put it all together
  6. We’ll market the heck out of it
  7. You keep adding your best stuff on a regular basis, consistent with the brand image you’ve created
  8. You rule the world
  9. I sit back and smile proudly

Except, what I actually did here? Was this:

  1. Started a blog on (which is NOT the way you go for a business – but, hey, it was a personal blog. What did I care?)
  2. Moved it to WordPress self-hosted
  3. Changed focus, style, theme, and even URL a few times
  4. Got a really crazy-good idea from a crazy-creative friend named Terri Ward (um, like, today)
  5. Ran with it

It’s that “ran with it” thing that’s making me giggle a little maniacally tonight.

See, I didn’t just make a riff off of Terri’s FB status update mentioning all the things she got done in her pajamas today. I took that baby and I made a whole new site out of an old familiar one — and then married the new creature with my business.

In one afternoon.

I now pronounce you business and business-site. And business owner.

What I actually do hasn’t changed. But my perception of it, and my place in the business-webiverse, has changed quite a bit.

‘Cause, see, I saw that “pajama” status update? And I said:

Holy cow, that’s totally me. That is SO me.

And an hour later, all this stuff is done.  And then I thought:

How the hell did THAT happen?

See, sometimes, the work creates the artist. Or something.

And now here’s where I kick back, cross my fuzzy-slippered feet, and smile knowingly, like I planned it all along.

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