How to Write Kick-Ass Blog Posts Every Single Freaking Time

by Annie

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Get it? Kick ass? (sigh)

I love the day my clients realize that, as great as this whole content marketing thing is, it means that they actually have to create content.

I love it, ’cause — OK, I admit it, it’s a little amusing, their reaction, but primarily because it means that they’re on the verge of embracing the messy truth, and a breakthrough is almost always imminent.

Obstacles to Creating Great Content Every Time

Challenges to creating great content on a regular basis take one or more of several forms:

  1. Creative block in coming up with ideas and developing those ideas into good content
  2. Managing a sense of overwhelm and finding time to write great content
  3. Mastering a conversational tone in each blog post
  4. The “picky stuff” — grammar, spelling, formatting, and images
  5. How to optimize each post for best search engine results

Each of these challenges has a very specific solution, and over the next four days we’re going to explore them all.

Why Awesome Content Every Single Time So Important

You may well wonder why it’s such a Huge Deal that every single piece of content that you put out there is awesome sauce. That’s a valid question.

For which I have two (count ’em!) answers.

The Job Interview Reason

You know how you get yourself dolled up in your best suit, the shined shoes without any scuff marks on ’em, and take a few extra minutes with your hair and makeup before the big job interview? Make sure your breath doesn’t smell bad? Use the really light cologne so as not to overpower the interviewer and to mask the smell of desperation you’re fairly sure emanates from your every pore?

Like that.

The Tour Guide Reason

A few weeks back, I escorted my daughter’s class to the fabulous Biltmore Estate as a chaperone.

When we got there, I was really impressed with the tour guides they have on staff. (Actually, I think they’re called docents. Heh. They’re decent docents.)

Every one of ’em was spiffed up and looking sharp in their non-uniform uniform. But what was even more impressive was how every single one of them knew their stuff. I mean – they really knew their stuff. Napoleon’s chess set? Check. The exact acreage cleared by Vanderbilt way back in the day? Check. How long it took the maids to clean and press the bed linens? Checkity-check.

Every. Single. One.

Every. Single. Question.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment…

Can you imagine how impressive that was? And more than just spouting off facts, they told the story of life in this unbelievably huge and sprawling house.

Awesome presentation. Full of useful information. Told a story.

That is why every single blog post or piece of content you put out there needs to be awesome sauce.

The “Kick-Ass Blog Posts Every Single Time” Series

So, starting today, and running the rest of the week, we’re going to explore in depth how to knock your blog content out of the park with every at-bat, by presenting solutions to the most common obstacles bloggers run into.

Today’s subject (besides this introductory post) will be about managing overwhelm and finding the time to create great content.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at ways you can make brainstorming and scheduling great content ideas much easier.

Thursday, the subject will be how to craft better content and master the hallmark conversational tone of great blogging.

Friday’s post will address the picky stuff — grammar, spelling, formatting, and images — and how to put that final polish on your content with a minimum of fuss and brain failure.

Finally, on SEO Saturday, we’ll go through how to optimize a blog post for excellent search engine results, step by step.

Let’s get blogging!

Have I hit ’em all? Do you experience a problem with content creation and publication that I haven’t listed here? Let me know in the comments!



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