The Time-Finder Sessions

Clock in a grocery cartTime is money, yo!

But sadly, try as we might, we can’t buy even one extra second for ourselves.

We can, however, do the next best thing …

And that’s where the Time-Finder Sessions come in!

How the Time-Finder Sessions Work

Working together for one month, you and I basically create that time you’re desperate to find in your schedule.

We start with a current snapshot of your time budget — how you spend those 168 hours we all get every week. During our first call, we’ll go over that budget line by line, and talk about what you want to do with that time you’re about to gain.

Next, we’ll identify no- and low-return actions you can get rid of altogether. Then we move on to reconfiguring your commitments to make sure your time-spending choices actually reflect your needs and intentions.

You’ll get a revised time budget in Excel format from me, and one week to try it on for size. In our third and final coaching call, we’ll tweak the budget and identify further time-saving steps you can explore on your own.

Sound Good? Here’s How You Get Started!

Just click here and drop me a line. We’ll schedule your FREE half-hour call, which you can use to get a head start on your time-finding mission, or for anything else related to getting your business stuff done.

Then if we both agree the Time-Finder Sessions are the solution for you, I’ll invoice you through PayPal for the cost of the Sessions.

Speaking Of the Price …

How much would an extra hour every week be worth to you?

How about an extra hour every day?

I’ve helped clients find that much time and more. And the cost to you is just $99 for all the Sessions, plus your worksheets and Time Budget.

That’s less than $100 for reclaiming your precious time.

Sound like a deal? Let’s get going!