The Design-Build

In construction, there’s this thing called “design-build.”

The idea is that you hire one firm to do it all — design your dream house, create the architectural plans, and build the thing out.

This? Is like that.

Except, instead of building a house, you and I are gonna build your dream.

Your big, scary, heart-pounding, pulse-quickening HUGE-assed dream.

Design-Build: What’s Included

In the Design-Build package, you and I work together over a period of time — either three or six months, your choice — with my exclusive Vision Engineering system to design and build your dream business + life.

We start with an in-depth intake questionnaire and coaching call, where we talk about, refine & crystallize your vision until you can close your eyes and smell it.

After we identify and clarify your vision, then I’ll help you reverse engineer it into goals, habits and tasks. We’ll develop your plan, and as you implement it, we’ll keep in touch through regular bi-weekly calls, where I hold you accountable (extra juice!) and help you analyze your results as you go.

I’ll show you how to cut through resistance and procrastination, keeping your eyes firmly on your prize, and help you stay on track with consistent, daily action as you build your vision until the dream becomes reality.

Sound Good? Let’s Do This Thing!

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start DOING, for Pete’s sake, click here and drop me a line. We’ll set up your ZERO-COST introductory coaching call, so you can see what this coaching thing’s like and whether I’m the right fit for your needs.

After that, when you’re ready to go, I’ll invoice you for either $499 (for the three-month package) or $899 (for the six-month package).

What’s achieving your dream worth to you?