Systems Engineering

Gears in a machine

Are you drowning in social media tasks and not seeing any results?

Do you find yourself doing the same damn things over and over, and find yourself thinking “There has GOT to be an easier way to do this…”?

Are you forever trying out new tools and apps, but never quite finding the right tool for the job at hand?

Systems Engineering is the package for you, my friend.

Systems Engineering: What’s Included

Business systems are essential to your success. The right system will save you time, money, and energy, and free you up to put your focus on the work you’re passionate about, instead of collecting on past due invoices, managing your content marketing program, or dealing with email.

With Systems Engineering, we start with an in-depth questionnaire and a 45-minute coaching call. We dive in right from the start and identify specifically where your business can benefit from systems, and analyze how you’re getting those problematic tasks done now.

Then we take inventory — we look at what tools you already have on hand, and whether they’re working for you. Where they’re not, I’ll deliver to you a hand-picked list of other tools and apps, ranging from free to premium priced, that can handle the job.

Next, we’ll craft a seriously elegant, simple, powerful series of systems and workflows for you to try out and evaluate. You’ll get one more coaching call, in which we fine-tune the systems and make any adjustments necessary to ensure your systems are pitch-perfect.

You’ll get a written version of your new systems, which you can use for reference or inclusion in training materials when your business gets so big you have to hire more staff!

Sound Good? Let’s Get Crackin’!

Click here to drop me a line, and we’ll schedule your ABSOLUTELY FREE half-hour introductory coaching call. This is like a little try-out in itself, where you and I get to see if we’re a good match.

When and if you’re ready, I’ll invoice you for the cost of the Systems Engineering package — which is just $199 — through PayPal, and we’ll get to work!



Photo credit: fallsroad via photopin cc