Jam With Annie

Starting line drawn on a road before a race

Are you ready to get your productivity on?

  • Are you struggling to find time in your schedule to just sit quietly and breathe, much less actually plan your business?
  • Do you end each day feeling like you’ve been going nonstop since sunrise but got nothing done?
  • Are you gearing up for a huge creative business project but silently freaking out about where you’ll find the time to actually work on it?

Hello, my name is Annie, and I’m here to save your business + your sanity!

Annie is a rockstar. She has a unique, powerful gift — the ability to cut through the bullshit and break down the fuzziest, vaguest of dreams into a simple, workable plan that walks you steadily from confusion and procrastination straight to success. In my first session alone with Annie, she figured out how I could get an extra hour every freakin’ day. 

Stephanie R., 
A long-term client

I use simple, free technology to connect with my clients and solve their problems.

Check out the Pajama Productivity coaching packages and services below — just click on the description that most closely fits your current, most pressing problem, and you’ll be taken to a full description of the services that can help you solve that bad boy and get your biz back in the race!

HELP! I can’t find time to breathe … where in the name of all that’s holy does all my time GO?!

EEP! If I have to do ___________ [insert any collection of tasks here] ONE. MORE. TIME. I will go postal on someone. There has GOT to be an easier way!

ZOINKS! I’m sick and tired of ignoring this big beautiful dream of mine — I want to make it REAL, but I have no clue where to start, and it seems so impossible right now!