Getting Over the Speed Bump Between “Plan” and “Do”

by Annie

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Image of Spanish road signs warning of speed bump ahead

You’re cruising along at a nice clip.

You’ve made your plans. You’ve considered your assets, inventoried your resources, brainstormed solutions, worked out a timeline … baby, you areready to rock this Big Thing out, aren’t ya?

And then?

Everything stops.

It’s like somebody stands on the brakes.


Because you’ve left Plan-City and are at the outskirts of Do-ville.

Yes, my friends, there’s a speed bump we all deal with from time to time. A place in the road between “planning our shit” and “getting our shit done” that, on occasion, brings us to a dead stop.

That speed bump may have different names, depending on the person and the day and the situation.

It could be called “chronic procrastination.” Or “overwhelm.” Or “fear of ______” (fill in the blank with just about any ubiquitous business-related fear).

Today, we’re just gonna call it the Speed Bump.

And regardless of why it’s there for you, there are two things I know for sure (thanks, Mama Oprah!):

  1. You put it there, and you allow its continued existence;
  2. And you can get the hell over it. Literally. (And figuratively.)

Now, before I go further, let me clarify: there may be tons of speed bumps in your journey to achieving a specific business goal that have nothing to do with you. Contrary to the Law-of-Attraction-ers, I do not believe that we create every little piece of crap we have to deal with in our lives. (It’s only logical, if you think about it: We’re all human, we all have free will, and if this LoA crap has any merit whatsoever, then a logical consequence of it is that other people’s attempts to manifest what they want are quite possibly gonna head-butt our manifesting dreams, and somebody has got to lose in this scenario.)

So, yeah, some speed bumps — some obstacles to your goals, if you will — are placed in the road by other people or by circumstance or God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster (as you will).

I’m not talking about those obstacles.

I’m talking about the ones we create.

The ones that do not exist until we decide — firmly, irrevocably — that we’re gonna do this thing, dammit. 

The ones that, only then, when we’ve cut ourselves off from any other acceptable possibility, sprout up out of nowhere, bringing our metaphorical little vehicles to a screeching halt.

Make no mistake. We put our own speed bumps up in our paths all. the. time. 

And we stop. And we look confused. And we whine. And we cry.

Sometimes, this goes on for years, the sweet desired goal hanging always just out of reach, always perpetually on our lists, always tempting us, nagging us, making us feel like shit about ourselves because we just can’t reach it…

I will say it again.

You put it there, and you allowed its continued existence.

And you can by God get yourself over it.

How, for the love of mac-n-cheese?

First, by naming your speed bump. Just like Rumpelstiltskin, the power this thing has over you lies centered in its name. Name the fucker, and then you know how to climb right on over and be on your way.

Procrastination? You’re dealing with fear. Name the fear and correct your false self-talk, replace it with the truth, pull up your big girl/big boy pants, and move on.

Overwhelm? You’re dealing with either too many or the wrong kind of obligations, or possibly a lack of resources. Figure out which one. Ditch the stuff you should have said ‘no’ to in the first place, renegotiate the rest, and figure out what you need to learn/get/buy/become — and then go learn/get/buy/become it.

Resistance or a lack of motivation? You’re probably dealing with a lack of desire. Is this the right goal for you? Is it the right goal but the wrong time or context? Have you gotten adequate leverage over yourself yet? (In other words, does your fear of/pain in not achieving that goal outweigh the pleasure you get from avoiding it?)

Every speed bump has a name. Name it. Move on.

You owe it to the rest of us.

And standing still is NOT AN OPTION.


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