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Today, I’m happy to share an interview with Lama Kamel, the founder of Brain9D – a new digital tool to protect your precious brain & mental health.

I was approached by Julie Garcia, the launch campaign manager for Brain9D, awhile back. I asked for an email interview with Lama, who agreed and generously offered me access to Brain9D as well. I haven’t tried it out yet – I wanted to do this part first, but I plan to write up a full review over the next few weeks and will share that with you here when it’s ready.

Mental Health & the Productive Solopreneur

Why did I think this was a good fit for Pajama Productivity?

Well, simply put: Entrepreneurs and freelancers are at risk of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and more. What’s more, I believe we face a greater risk of those problems than our traditionally employed friends and loved ones.

And when we do experience mental health issues, we have a harder time asking for and getting access to quality care.

So, bottom line for me? Anything that makes it easier for us to preserve and protect our most precious resource is a good damn thing.

Read on for my questions to Lama, her answers, and more information on how you can access Brain9D for yourself!

Interview with Lama Kamel, Brain9D Founder

Annie: Soooo, not to be too forward or anything but how exactly do you pronounce Brain9D?

Lama: Frankly speaking, I haven’t thought of that! However, feel free to pronounce it the way you like. What would you suggest? 😛

Ooh. Brainiend. Wait. No. Hm. I’ll work on it. Next question! What is Brain9D, exactly? How is it different from, say, Lumosity?

Brain9D is more general tool in addressing mental issues than Lumosity and others. It collects various type of data (questionnaires, facial videos, EEG and others ) analyze them all together through its AI engine of big data analytics then recommend the appropriate “intervention” tool, like brain training, neurofeedback, clinician, or even supplements. Lumosity, on the other hand, is only offering training games.

What’s the difference between mental health and brain health? Or is there a difference? Assume we’re not completely crazy here. (This may or may not be, strictly speaking, true…)

Mental and brain issues are closely related and in most of cases researchers studying mental illness believe that abnormalities in how particular brain circuits function contribute to the development of many mental illnesses. However in some cases like stroke, brain injury, or degradation in neuronal populations for unforeseen reasons the difference between the two becomes more evident.

Example: Depression is a mental issue, whereas dementia and Alzheimer are brain issues since they are mostly related to degradation in neuronal population in certain parts of the brain

We’re all about helping other creative solo workers get their crap done. How does Brain9D help folks like us reach our goals?

Brain9D does continuous assessment of our mental and emotional status and alarm us when things start to move in the wrong direction. After the early detection of our mental health related issues, Brain9D recommends whether to use one of its available brain training videos or to do neurofeedback or to contact psychiatric from the available list in our geographic area. We help folks to have a healthier brain, and therefore, getting more things done. 😉

Part of Brain9D’s set of tools mentioned in the IndieGoGo campaign copy concerns lifestyle. What part does lifestyle play in mental/brain health?

In general lifestyle factors are associated with the mental health outcomes. Better mental health is closely related to higher frequency of physical and mental activity, moderate alcohol consumption, non-smoking, a body mass index within the range of normal and a regular life rhythm. The healthier lifestyle choices an individual makes, the fewer mental issues he or she tends to have.

Apart from “get Brain9D” what’s your number 1 tip for PJP readers to keep their brains sharp?

Healthy lifestyle (moderate consumption of alcohol, no smoking, mental and physical exercises, less polluted environments… etc) and close monitoring of our mental and emotional status.

What’s the future for Brain9D?

Our goal is to make from Brain9D our personal assistant to people. But more important to us is that in 3-5 years we are able to penetrate those people who don’t get to take care of mental health, having everything in one place as a proactive system.

How You Can Get Access to Brain9D

Right now, Brain9D is in the middle of an IndieGoGo campaign to launch its service. Normally, you’d have to contribute at least $120 for a year’s access to Brain9D’s suite of tools.

Buuuuut … yeah, we hooked you up. Well, Brain9D did. If you are one of the first ten people to contribute via this super-special PJP readers only link, you’ll only have to contribute $50.

That’s … hang on … carry the one … more than half off!

Stay tuned and watch this space – I’ll write more about Brain9D here within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, go check it out for yourself!

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Julie Garcia March 8, 2017 at 3:38 pm

Awesome post! We should all take care of our health, not only body, but also minds.

Thanks for the post! 😉


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