Hello there, sweetpea. I’m Annie, and I do two things exceptionally well:

  1. Write
  2. Solve other people’s problems

(OK, strictly speaking, I do three things exceptionally well, but the third is really none of your beeswax.)

I’m a business coach, marketing consultant, and copywriter. I help solo and small business owners make more money by showing them how to get more done (preferably in easy and pajama-clad ways), and how to simplify online marketing (preferably in more efficient, cheap, and non-spammy ways).

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Before all that, in no particular order, I was an actress, a bartender, a strip club waitress, a lawyer, and a retail salestron.

I hate stilettos, and I love fuzzy slippers. Also yoga pants and dark French roast coffee with half-and-half, real sugar, and a dollop of ground cinnamon.

I used to live in the glorious North Carolina mountains, right outside Asheville, with my daughter. Before that, we lived on the Carolina coast. Right now, we’re in upstate New York.

I’m a fan of:

  • Alice Cooper‘s music (also Brewer & Shipley, Guns ‘n Roses, and — no, I’m not ashamed to admit it — Barry Manilow. “Eclectic” is the word you’re looking for.)
  • Marianne Moore‘s poetry
  • Leonard Nimoy‘s – well, pretty much anything The Nimoy did is fine by me (even that Bilbo Baggins thing …)
  • Marcel Proust (Seriously, the dude could write…)
  • The violin (I entertain fantasies of learning to play for real one of these days …)
  • Those fried jalapeno and cream cheese thingies at Arby’s

I love writing about productivity hacks, especially the whole creativity/productivity nexus. Also: social media and networking, particularly in the context of how artists, writers, and business owners can use it to reach their audiences and readers.