Hello there, sweetpea. I’m Annie, and I do two things exceptionally well:

  1. Write
  2. Solve other people’s problems

(OK, strictly speaking, I do three things exceptionally well, but the third is really none of your beeswax.)

I’m a business coach, marketing consultant, and copywriter. I help solo and small business owners make more money by showing them how to get more done (preferably in easy and pajama-clad ways), and how to simplify online marketing (preferably in more efficient, cheap, and non-spammy ways).

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Before all that, in no particular order, I was an actress, a bartender, a strip club waitress, a lawyer, and a retail salestron.

I hate stilettos, and I love fuzzy slippers. Also yoga pants and dark French roast coffee with half-and-half, real sugar, and a dollop of ground cinnamon.

Right now, I live in the glorious North Carolina mountains, right outside Asheville, with my daughter (“HRH Princess Lollypop” aka Jessie).

I’m a fan of:

  • Alice Cooper‘s music (also Brewer & Shipley, Guns ‘n Roses, and — no, I’m not ashamed to admit it — Barry Manilow. “Eclectic” is the word you’re looking for.)
  • Marianne Moore‘s poetry
  • Leonard Nimoy‘s – well, pretty much anything The Nimoy does is fine by me (although we really need to talk about that Bilbo Baggins thing …)
  • Glee (It’s on probation with me right now, after last season) and many other TV shows
  • Marcel Proust (Seriously, the dude could write…)
  • The violin (I entertain fantasies of learning to play for real one of these days …)
  • Those fried jalapeno and cream cheese thingies at Arby’s

I love writing about productivity hacks, especially the whole creativity/productivity nexus. Also: social media and networking, particularly in the context of how artists, writers, and business owners can use it to reach their audiences and readers.